Release Notes

New Added option ConversionKeys.CONVERT_HEADERS_AND_FOOTERS to control conversion of header and footer text, default value is 'no' to suppress their conversion
New Added inclusion of the 'lang' attribute in the html element, it will be set if the DefaultLanguage property is not empty
Fixed Fixed validation error (anchor div must not be inside p element)
New Added support for merged cells (based on clmrg and clmgf tokens)
New Added conversion of all bookmarks to div elements with anchor
New Added property OutputProperties for experimental settings
Fixed Fixed replacement of invalid characters in id attributes
Fixed Fixed conversion of \line token
Fixed Fixed generation of missing table columns
New Added support for table row height
New Added support for text format changes within hyperlinks
New Added support and property to disable footnotes conversion (experimental feature)
New Updated izpack installer to version 5.0.10
Fixed Fixed IndexOutOfBoundsException in conversion of merged table cells
Fixed Fixed validation error ID must not contain whitespace
New Added support for conversion of merged table cells
New Improved support for Android platform (Base64Utils class)
Fixed Fixed conversion of multi-paragraph text in table cells
Fixed Fixed character property reset bug
Fixed Fixed anchor support in LinkURIBuilder class
Fixed Fixed usage of Serializable interface and serialization capability of converter instances
Fixed Fixed table conversion when ConvertTables property is false
New Added support for XHTML 1.0 Transitional document type to DOM based converter
New Added post process event handlers
New Added support for Data URI image embedding
New Added support for automatic footnote numbering
New Added converter property IndentAmount to define output document indentation
New Added converter method convert(String, Charset)
New Improved document clean up (remove attribute less span elements etc)
New Improved conversion of hyperlinks
New Improved processing of listtable section
New Improved replacement of sequence of space characters with 'non breaking space'
New Added support for conversion of table left margin
New Added support for conversion of table width
New Added support for conversion of table column width
New Added support for conversion of table border detection